Funds Raised

Radio City has come to be known amongst listeners as somewhat of a public platform where people seeking help can come forward and share their stories. We’ve tried to bring to the world many such stories, a trend that we’re continuing this Diwali, except this time, its not just one, but four stories being presented all together. Yeh #DiwaliEkRupayeWali. We appeal to each and EVERY one of you, to give us just 1 rupee, a coin lost in between your folded laundry, that lone 1 rupee that rolls away under the bed and stay ther till eternity. If all of us came together, just this 1 rupee could change a few lives.

Firstly, we are joined by Ms Gauri Sawant, transgender social activist. Gauri has been extremely vocal about her struggle, about getting the world to accept her identity and about the reforms she wants to bring about with regards to transgender rights. Currently Gauri is attempting to raise funds to build “Ajii ka Ghar”, a safe place where daughters of sex workers can find a roof to live under and gain education while at it. Any contribution to her cause will be a stepping stone towards her achieving this goal.

We are also supporting Mr Rajan Nair, is a freelance photojournalist living in Mumbai. Despite having a partial hearing disability, Rajan has never been any different from any of us. Since 2009, Rajan has been conducting photography workshops for about 1000 children, including cancer patients and children with disabilities, at Tata Memorial Hospital and other institutions. Dwindling finances aside, he’s somehow managed to continue these classes once per month, and now needs our help. All his functioning cameras are analogue, and the one DSLR he owned (gifted to him by freineds), has developed technical snags and doesn’t work anymore. To be able to continue helping these children, Rajan needs a new DSLR camera, which we are trying to raise funds for.

Shahbaz Khan is also on this journey with us. A visually impaired man from Mumbai, Shahbaz Khan is participating in a cyclathon organised by an NGO Gyanam Ganga. This event plans to raise awareness about blindness, and the fact that it doesn’t come in the way of life for the innumerable people who live with it. For this cyclathon, Shahbaz has been a renting a bicycle to practice assisted biking but now needs to buy a new bicycle that will enable him and his father to cycle all the way from Mumbai to Delhi, a distance covered over many days.

Lastly, we present Tabrez Khwaja. He started Awaz foundation after losing his father to kidney failure. After this personal tragedy, he and his friends decided to make life easier for others, by starting a charitable ambulance service, which snowballed into many other life changing initiatives. Started 8 years ago today Awaaz Foundation provides educational help for 100s of children and medical help to needy across Mumbai. In addition, they also provide clothes to children without families and have been behind tree plantations at various spots in the city. Currently Awaaz foundation is looking to raise money to buy more ambulances to add to their fleet and provide this free service to more needy people.

Celebrate #DiwaliEkRupayeWali with Radio City 91.1 FM this year and be a part of all these stories, just by donating 1 rupee. That’s all we ask. Happy Diwali !